Ethics policy
‘FSKOREA’ As a socially responsible company, FSKOREA supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact (UNGC)
on human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption,
and does its best to transparent and fair management based on ethical management. In addition, the ‘Code of Ethics’ and
‘Practice Guidelines for the Code of Ethics’ were established based on the following behavioral guidelines
to support the will of ‘FSKOREA’ to practice ethical management.
1                   Always respect customers' opinions and try to be a trusted company based on credit and fairness.
2                   Comply with all laws and regulations of the relevant region, respect commercial customs, and pursue fair
competition in which business activities are carried out.
3                   Maintain mutual trust and cooperative relationship through transparent and fair transactions with our business
partners and pursue mutual development.
4                   Do not engage in any kind of unfair act by using superior position to our partner companies, and do not receive money,
valuables, entertainment, or convenience from our partner companies.
5                   Do not provide or divulge internal information and customer information to the outside.
6                   Do not use the company's goods or expenses privately.
7                   In principle, the provision or receipt of money loans, guarantees, and gifts between executives and
employees is prohibited.
8                   Do not discriminate against school, gender, religion, blood ties, region of origin, disability, nationality, race, etc.,
and endeavor to live a rewarding work life through mutual respect.
9                   Actively participate in community service activities.
10                 Strive to develop eco-friendly products and services, and prevent accidents through thorough safety inspection
and management.
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