Environmental Policy
FSKOREA recognizes the environment as a key element of its business strategy
in order to become a world-class “cosmetics container and brush manufacturer”,
and strives to operate its business in an environmentally responsible, sound and sustainable manner.
We recognize that our supply chains, processes and products have both direct and indirect environmental impacts,
and we strive to find effective ways to identify, eliminate or reduce all environmental impacts.

Our goal is to continuously improve our environmental performance. Throughout the overall business management,
we consider compliance with domestic and international laws related to the environment as the minimum standard to be achieved,
and, if necessary, strive to implement additional environmental programs that go beyond compliance with laws and regulations.
Measures to ensure that our environmental goals
are reviewed regularly and effective implementation of
environmental management policies are as follows.
1) Respond promptly and proactively to customer requirements and domestic/international
environmental regulations and take thorough proactive measures.

2) We strive to develop eco-friendly products through design and R&D considering the environment.

3) Maintain the factory's environmental management system, taking into account important
environmental aspects and impacts throughout operations

4) Do not use environmentally harmful substances prohibited by domestic/international.
environmental laws and related regulations in the manufacturing and production of products.

5) In order to establish and measure important environmental impacts, improvement goals are set
and progress is monitored in areas including but not limited to energy, greenhouse gas emissions,
water use, and waste.

6) To use energy and natural resources wisely and efficiently, eliminate and minimize waste, and
re-use and recycle where practical.

7) To make a real and meaningful contribution to mitigating climate change and global water scarcity,
by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water impact across the complete lifecycle of our
products and their packaging, reflecting national and international government agendas when
setting environmental goals.
8) Cooperate with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders on environmental issues, including
sustainability of the supply chain of raw materials and packaging materials.

9) When making major decisions about supply chain, process, and new product development,
appropriately evaluate and consider environmental issues.

10) Educate all executives/employees to have a level of knowledge and understanding appropriate to
environmental responsibilities and to be aware of measures that can be taken to reduce
environmental impact.

11) Engage stakeholders in environmental management activities to exchange opinions, and conduct
regular environmental education to maintain the smooth flow of environmental information among

12) Annual reviews, including the progress of environmental goals, are conducted and reflected in
continuous improvement.
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